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aromatherapy diffusers

Sleep experts recommend making your bedroom as comfortable and sleep inducing as possible. Shutting off electronic items such as televisions, computers, and mobile phones and completely darkening your room are just some of the measures you can take an hour or so before bedtime. When these are not enough to induce sleep, you might consider aromatherapy diffusers for better sleep.


Aromatherapy has traditionally been used for centuries to enhance health. It is the type of alternative

medicine that uses essential oils harvested from plants to enhance your mood and health. Aromatherapy oils can also help you to naturally relax and get a restful night’s sleep without side effects.


Essential Oils to Use in Aromatherapy Machines for Better Sleep

Many companies sell scented oils that are not of therapeutic grade. These contain artificial ingredients and do not have the healing properties of pure essential oils. Some of the most popular essential oils for inducing relaxation, relieving stress, and bringing on sleep include:


  • lavender (Lavendula officinalis or L.angustifolia ), (there are several types of lavender, which smell different and have different properties)
  • neroli (Citrus aurantium amara),
  • jasmine (Jasminum officinalis),
  • patchouli (Pogostemon cablin),
  • sandalwood (Santalum album),
  • clary sage (Salvia sclarea),
  • sweet marjoram (Origanum marjarana),
  • lemon (Citrus × limon),
  • lemon balm (Melissa officinalis),
  • rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens or P. odorantissium),
  • rose (Rosa damascena), and
  • ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata).


You can use any of these essential oils by themselves, mix them for a customized blend or buy professionally formulated blends. Essential oils are very concentrated, so never use them directly on your skin. Always dilute them with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or grapeseed oil. For use in the bedroom, an electric, battery operated, or heat-less diffuser is the safest.


Essential Oils to Use in Aromatherapy Machines for Improving Health

When you are having problems breathing due to the flu, a cold, allergies, or asthma, or when you cannot sleep well because of coughing or a sore throat, aromatherapy can help alleviate the symptoms so that you can get a restful night’s sleep. These essential oils have strong scents, so you may want to mix them with something sweeter like lemon oil. These should also not be used by pregnant women or small children. Some of the essential oils that help with these problems are:


  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) helps to alleviate cold and flu symptoms by loosening mucus and helping to heal the throat, and also helps with sore muscles and joints.
  • Pine (Pinus pinaster) has an antiseptic effect.
  • Fir (Abies siberica) helps to alleviate the symptoms of colds, coughs, and flu, with its anti-infectious and antiviral properties, and helps to relieve muscle aches.


Aromatherapy Machines Reviews

Investing in an aromatherapy diffuser is an investment in your enhanced sleep, health, and well-being. If you like to use essential oils often, a more efficient aromatherapy diffuser can pay for itself by saving on the cost of essential oils and pads.


H2EO Ultrasonic Diffuser diffuser by H2EO

This diffuser does not use heat or air pumps, which can damage the chemistry of essential oils. It uses ultrasound to break up essential oils into micron-sized droplets that are released into the air as a cool mist vapor which spreads evenly throughout your room and enhances your atmosphere. It has mood lights that can be turned off and an LED light which can also be turned off while the unit is still operating. It has several volume and mode settings, and depending on the mode you select, the essential oils can last throughout the night or for several days without being refilled. The diffuser automatically shuts off when the water level gets low. By H2EO, this diffuser is about $85.

Vapor-Eze Vaporizer / Aromatherapy Unit

This economical aromatherapy diffuser uses heat activated aromatherapy to provide relief from breathing problems such as allergies, asthma, sinusitis, and bronchitis, as well as relief from symptoms of colds, coughs, flu, and sore throats. The refill pads eliminate the need to carry water to the unit, and are specially formulated to use during the day or night. The pads are easy to switch out to change the aromatherapy treatment. This product is been made in the USA and has sold over 3 million units in over 12 years. By Vapor-eze, this vaporizer/aromatherapy diffuser is about $20.


Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

This ultrasonic diffuser machine has the benefit of not altering essential oils so that you can attain all of the benefits of your oils. This diffuser has five built in time levels and three dispersion levels to control how the unit operates. The blue LED color light enhances your mood and relaxation, and can be turned off. Add water and a few drops of the essential oil to the reservoir, and it will automatically shut off when the water level is low. It is offered in black, blue on silver, and white, and comes with a free bottle of essential oil. By Hubmar, this aromatherapy unit costs about $70.



Aroma-Ace Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy System

This nebulizing diffuser system includes two atomizer attachments to make changing out the aromatherapy essential oils easy and quick. The interval timer allows you to adjust how long the unit is on or off. This unit is the first in a new generation of aromatherapy diffusers to bring spa quality aromatherapy in a small, convenient machine. The bottle and spout attach directly to the essential oil bottle to eliminate the need to carry water to the unit. It uses atomizer technology to effectively disperse microfine essential oils in a vapor throughout your home, office, or hotel room. By Diffuser World, Inc., the Aroma-Ace costs about $140, and is made in the USA.


Pearlessence Spa Mist

This spa quality aromatherapy mister diffuses essential oils after they are broken down into minute particles with ultrasonic pulsations. It preserves the qualities of your essential oils since it does not use heat or a fan to disperse aromas. The mood enhancing LED light changes colors automatically, or can be turned off. Add water and a few drops of essential oil, and the unit automatically turns off when the water level is low. By Pearlessence, this unit costs about $62.50.


Home Diffuser by Young Living

This ultra sonic fan aromatherapy diffuser creates a relaxing atmosphere and quietly brightens your mood at home or the office. Simply add water and a few drops of essential oil to the indicator line on the reservoir, and the machine was shut off automatically when the water is low. Choose from emitting steam constantly or intermittently every 30 minutes, which will last throughout the night. By Young Living Essential Oils, this aromatherapy diffuser costs about $115, and comes with two free 5 mL bottles of essential oil that are chosen according to the season.



Greenair Spa Vapor Advanced Wellness Instant Healthful Mist Therapy

This economical aromatherapy diffuser uses ultrasonic pulsations to create a healing vapor without using heat. This preserves the qualities of your essential oils and is safer than burning candles. Use regular tap water and a few drops as essential oil for aromatherapy, or just plain water to add humidity to the room. The unit automatically shut off when the water level is low. The mood enhancing LED lights rotate to change colors, or can be turned off. By Greenair, this aromatherapy diffuser costs about $29.



Oregon Scientific WS903 Aroma Diffuser and Sound Therapy Clock

Combine three sleep inducing senses in one unit by relaxing to the aromatherapy, soothing colored lights, and nature sounds. This ultrasonic diffuser uses advanced technology and does not heat your essential oils, so you reap all the benefits. It has a remote control which can be stored in the base of the unit. The large digital alarm clock is easy to read from far away and can be set to wake up with your favorite scent or one of the five nature sounds. The color therapy lights further add to the soothing qualities of this sleep machine. Fill the reservoir with water and a few drops of essential oil, and it will automatically shut off when the water level is low. By Oregon Scientific, this aroma diffuser costs about $81.50.


Aura Cacia Diffuser – Aromatherapy Vaporizer

This aromatherapy vaporizer diffuses therapeutic oils without using heat to preserve the quality of your oils. You can mix your own blends of oils and apply one or two drops to the pad, which efficiently atomizes all of the oil, leaving the pad clean for the next use. It quietly infuses your room with aromatherapy, and operates at two speeds. By Aura Cacia, this unit costs about $50 and comes with a 1.64 mL bottle of essential oil.



Scentball Plug In Electric Diffuser

Replace your plug-in room fresheners that use synthetic substances to cover up odors with this similar unit that diffuses natural oils from plants. Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the pad, which can be reused until it becomes discolored, and plug it in. You can easily switch between fragrances. By Edens Garden, this aromatherapy diffuser costs about $10, and five refill pads are included.



Aromatherapy becomes more popular every year as people turn away from synthetic substances that may have severe health effects. Using aromatherapy diffusers for better sleep is a much safer alternative than prescription sleep aids, and side effects are very rare.




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