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The sleep need of a toddler is much more than an adult but reversibly, every toddler refuses to go to sleep at normal time. As these are in their developmental stages, they need at least 14 hours of sleep to complete the necessary functions. Even so, the children of this age are very active and generally in play mode when their mothers are trying to make them fall asleep. Some parents claim that they have tried everything to get their toddler sleep at normal time and sleep through the night but became unsuccessful. Getting to sleep on time is actually a habit that could be generated amongst the toddler with proper technique and knowledge.

  1. It is obvious that you must be spending two to three hours running behind the toddler to get him to bed hence if you start the procedure earlier you will get effective results. If possible start winding up from post evening hours and get your child to bed from that time so even if he takes two to three hours to finally get asleep then it is still good time for him to sleep. Even though he will wake you up early in morning, the total hours of sleep will be more than enough.


  1. Most of the children love to take afternoon nap which is another reason for them to wake till night. If you could manage the nap time and duration you could be successful in providing the ideal sleep duration in night. This doesn’t mean you should prevent him from the day nap because that is also an elementary part of child’s growth.


  1. Sleeping on time is just a matter of habit hence if you could set a daily routine for the child; he will automatically go to bed and wake up at that time. Involve certain entertaining activities before getting him to sleep such as hot water bathing, interesting stories, lullabies and similar actions that would make an impression over his brain that this is the time to sleep. Make sure you follow the routine carefully because slowly you will recognize that the child is sleepy as soon as you start the bathing and other regime.


  1. You should lure the toddler to get to sleep by anything that he likes, suppose if you want to make him sleep at 7 in the evening then lure him by extra song or story as this will attract him and you would see that he is already in his bed waiting for the storyteller. Most of the children of this age resist sleeping early and in this situation you could easily lure them with some interesting activity.


  1. Children have separate clock for performing each and every activity and this could be gauged by their regular behavior. You might have noticed that some children like to stay awake in late nights and some love to get up quite early in morning. This clock could be altered if you manage their eating, playing and sleeping activities. It is known that children that wake in night often have disturbed sleep because staying up late causes some changes in body that would lead to insufficient and obstructive sleep. If you make a routine to get him to bed at the time of evening then you can surely observe the changes.


  1. Make sure that your children have a bed full of stuffed goodies and soft blankets that really help them getting asleep. Also make sure that his or her room is completely free form any noise coming out of television or other sources. Also make the room as dark as possible which automatically lead to sleep as the child have nothing to see and observe.


  1. As you have settled a time at which you will force him to get sleeping, make sure you make all the changes that you do in normal bedtime. The best one to follow is to switch the lights off, dropping curtains to make it dark, giving warm milk to improve the sleep further and so on.


  1. Common to grownups, the toddlers get to sleep easily with some rigorous exercise or activity. As the body tires out with heavy outdoor playing, the mind races to get some rest. Therefore, if you involve the child in some or other kind of outdoor activity before the scheduled bedtime it will prove beneficial. The outdoor activity is also good for overall development of the child.


Try and follow these tips to make a toddler go to sleep at ideal time and rest in peace for the remaining evening.

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Oct 142011

Often felt that you’re hitting that awful insomnia stage? Ever wondered why sleepless nights are pounding on your head especially when you’ve hit a cloud? Below given are a few pointers that you need to put on your permanent check list to ensure a peaceful night with a full zest of sleeping pattern. First of all, be sure to get indulged in a physical activity. It can be exercise, or a dance routine. It is totally your choice of what you want as an exercise pattern. It is always advisable to exercise or make that physical exertion several hours before your bedtime. That way, your body would have recovered from the implicit physical activity and be ready to take on some rest. Exercise will not only make you sleep better but also keep you in proper shape. Furthermore, physical activity of any kind helps you in keeping control on your snoring too. So basically, we’re talking several benefits in just this one basic step.

For a better sleep it is also advisable to stop the consumption of alcohol and some stimulants like coffee, and soda. Even if utilized in the morning, these drinks can have long lasting effects. If taken without care, even coffee will make you stay up late night or at times wake you up in the middle of the night, without being able to go back to sleep again. Along with this, totally boycott chocolate and any kind of sugary eatables before bed time. These are your worst enemies when talking about sleep disorders.

Another tip is to relax you. Yes, definitely sleep is meant to be the relax process. But have you ever prepared your body for it? We always tend to work a lot and then hit the bed immediately. Our body is overly occupied with everything we do. So relaxation should be essential. This can be in the form of listening to music or reading a joke book. Just anything that will make you feel light or relaxed.

For a better sleep, keep one schedule for all times that you fall asleep and wake up. This way, your body will get used to it as well and will not feel pressured if you try and sleep at one time and a completely opposite time at another day. Also, you will get the right kind of sleep in the same allotted time so you will wake up even more rested than before.

This tip is associated with all those who multi-task in their rooms. Stop it immediately; it is not a healthy sign. If your bedroom is a space used for multiple purposes like watching TV, exercising, reading or even playing games, your brain will tend to associate it with all the activities that you do even when you want to sleep. This means that unknowingly your brain will resist sleeping. So, always make sure that your sleep place is separate from a place where you do all the other activities. For people who have a smaller space, however, like one bedroom houses, or studio apartments, it must be easier said, since they have to manage everything between the same places. For such people, an attempt to create separation can be done by folding screens, or by minimizing activities just around your bed or sleeping area.

A bladder that is full not only creates uneasy feeling and immediate need to use the washroom but also creates disturbance with your sleep. So always stop drinking any fluids an hour or two before you go to bed. You will feel much lighter and at ease.

No matter how much science advances and how many medical remedies are provided, the herbal side will always be known for its natural roots. These natural herbs will not only make you sleep , but you will stay asleep till a desired number of hours and the best part is that there is almost no side effect!

As a final word, when nothing works, you must consult your doctor as there may be a medical unfitness due to which you are unable to sleep. If required, your medical doctor might even refer you to a psychologist.

Oct 102011

If you are visiting to some relative’s place and going to stay there for several days then it is common that you won’t fall asleep over strange bed and house. This is another category of insomnia but a very common form which is purely mental in condition. Many people are attached to their pillows, beds, comforters and other bedding which if not available they find it difficult to sleep. Many are attached to the house, to the place and the comfort of own house which causes the sleep deprivations outside. This feeling generally persists for a day or two after which many people find it easy to fall asleep but if this is not the case with you then follow these easy techniques to fall asleep quickly.

Þ    If you are outside the home then it is possible that you won’t be able to perform some regular methods to get to sleep such as taking bath, drinking milk or similar. When you are staying outside you need to rely on metal techniques to fall asleep.


Þ    It is possible that you have arrived somewhere for a special occasion or event then you should take help from this to fall asleep. The first method to sleep in outside place is to shut eyelids forcibly and think of the events that might take place in following days or weeks. If this is not possible then construct a happy event in your mind and think about every detail about the event as this greatly helps in getting asleep.


Þ    Even if you are staying outside you can ask them to make the room darker as darkness naturally propels the production of melatonin that is sleep hormone to help you get asleep. Also avoid watching television or chatting up late because once the spurt is gone you won’t be able to sleep quickly.


Þ    Deep breathing really helps to fall asleep quickly but this should be done by concentrating on the in and out breath. This is a typical form of meditation that helps to make the mind and body relaxed. While breathing, force your body to sleep and work your way to sound sleep with either making your mind free of thoughts or by relaxing body parts.


Þ    There is another weird way of getting sound sleep that works for many people. What you have to do is to consider a category and under that category remember names starting from A-Z alphabets. Suppose you have considered fruits then go A for apple, B for banana like that. If you have finished the alphabets then come up with different topic. Remember here that you don’t need to stress up the brain as he might get activated, instead try to play this game playfully not seriously.


Þ    Count numbers starting from back to front and do this in your mother tongue, for example consider a number suppose 600 then go backwards 599, 598 and so on. If possible consider three digit number as it runs for long time and you are surely going to get sleep while doing this. Apart from this you can try sheep counting, events replaying and so on.


These are all mental and breathing exercises to drift the brain towards sleep and are very beneficial when you are sleeping in someone else’s place.

Oct 072011


It is a well known fact that drinking coffee stimulates you r work energy and keeps you awake as well. Some people have a reverse effect that is they are unable to contain their sleep, but that happens in very few cases where many other factors for the sleep are involved as well.

Coffee basically affects you because it has caffeine in it. It might affect you in the morning when you are really tired and have a busy work schedule ahead of you, but try never to consume such caffeine especially in heavy quantities just before you want to go to sleep. Some are unable to have any effect, because mostly they are highly addicted to coffee and it fails to have any effect on them.

If in a case, you are one of those who have selflessly consumed coffee and are now unable to go to sleep, then here a few steps. Firstly try to create a calm and quiet environment. Your brain has to feel that it is time now to sleep and relax. Try and listen to some very relaxing music as well, and keep off from any activities’, even plain texting on the phone.

A second idea can be a little exertion just before you sleep. Light exercise like stretching your self will tire your body. However, don’t overdo it or you will become sweaty and the body will feel even more uncomfortable and at times too energized to go to sleep.

Drinking Luke warm milk over coffee will help you reduce the caffeine effect. This will eventually help you sleep. To accompany the milk, utilize some loaf bread as well. It will keep your tummy full. Make sure the loaf is not sweet because any sweet eatables that you consume right before sleep will make you hyper and create difficulty in sleeping. If eaten over coffee, they will give you an even more energized effect. Once your stomach is full, it gets easier to sleep as drowsiness spreads all over. However, don’t over eat as then it will become uncomfortable for you to get sleep. Sometimes, a little walk becomes necessary when you take an over dose of food.

Counting sheep, an old, yet heavily practiced solution for sleep, still works. If nothing else works from the above mentioned techniques, be sure to start counting sheep’s, along with a calm environment. Sleep will eventually come as the brain will start to get tired after a while. Some people use the second counter as a technique too. In this you are basically keeping track of the tick tock of your watch by each second. Counting them makes your brain get tired. This mental activity will enforce your brain to get some rest and eventually put you to sleep. Finally, if sleep still does not come near you, utilize your time by relaxing your mind by reading a magazine in a low light, till you get drowsy enough to put it away.

Oct 062011

Afternoon sleep is known to be the killer for night sleep but the cliché here is many people can’t do without it. Sleep is deeply connected with body and mind and hence your health status greatly reflects in your sleep. If you are insomniac and can’t sleep at night after a nap then you have to try and change entire regime of your body. Generally, a person who carry out hard work could manage good sleep even after long afternoon nap and the reason behind is definitely the hard exercise. If you need to take the nap in afternoon in order to refresh the body and not getting sleep at night in normal time then check these ways that would help in this condition.

  • The first rule is for your afternoon nap that could greatly change the entire scenario. Make sure that you sleep on early afternoons that would provide wider gap to get the brain tired and sleepy. Also remember to set an alarm clock and sleep only for 20 minutes in daytime. This is sufficient to refill the sleep deprivation and to make your energetic. Sleeping more than that could easily make you insomniac in the night hence fix a routine that you won’t sleep more than 20 minutes.


  • To get good night’s sleep regularly you should work toward making your body clock fixed for certain events. Practice to sleep and wake up at fixed time for about a week or two and this should be maintained regularly by the help of alarm clock. The time to sleep should be the one when you are tired and feel like sleeping. It happens mostly that you lose the time either by watching television or reading books hence as soon as you recognize the time when you are tired just go to bed and try to sleep. It will be difficult for some days but later on you will automatically get sleep at that time. The same should be done with waking time and should be followed. This will give good sleep even if you have taken a nap in the afternoon.


  • If your work is sedentary and does not involve heavy body movements then you should think about exercise. Any type of exercise to the body not only helps to build overall health but also helps to get good sleep at night. You can start with walking or yoga as you like but make it regular. If you are not into exercising then you should try meditation that is simple and does not require time to accomplish. Both the things greatly help to elevate stress and tensions that is a second killer of sleep.


  • If you are habituated to consume aerated drinks in the later part of day then you are very likely to get insufficient sleep at night. Caffeinated drinks are considered as stimulant and they prevent the body from getting into sleep. Even though you have consumed them before 3-4 hours, they will cause restless effects on body. The situation will worsen if you have taken nap at afternoon hence if possible avoid these drinks or have them at early hours of day to nullify their effect over sleep.


  • You can get good sleep at night despite of afternoon nap if you work toward increasing the melatonin production in your body. Remember that any kind of light actually suppresses the production of melatonin that is responsible for getting sleep. You should make the room dark by switching every light off to increase the hormone level. Even a slightest of light gives a sense to body that you are willing to stay awake and thereby it decreases the melatonin hence do not use your phones while on bed and just try to relax by concentrating on your breath to get sound sleep.



  • Another criterion that you need to work on for getting better sleep is your eating habits. Remember few rules that you are not going to stuff yourself at nighttime. Have smaller portions of food in dinner especially if you are going to sleep within three hours. Also avoid drinking water, fruit juice or similar drinks before bedtime because they would wake you up in the night for a bathroom trip.


If you are a smoker then this too would keep you away from sleep hence quit smoking to have a good siesta. If you follow this routine carefully you will definitely get good sleep despite of lengthy nap in the morning.



Sep 232011

A lot of people all over the world experience problems with falling asleep. Lack of quality sleep results not only in difficulties with getting up early, but also in major health issues, such as obesity, headaches, anxiety, depression and constant fatigue. Sometimes it is very difficult to fall asleep, especially after a long working day. Our brain is still solving the problems we have at work even after the working day is over. A lot of people need some extra help on how to go to sleep.

  1. Sounds of Nature

You can purchase an alarm clock that has this option, or you can buy a CD with sounds of nature that was created to help you fall asleep. If you want to know how to go to sleep easily, natural sounds clear your mind and help you relax, which will eventually lead you to deep and tight sleep. You can use a timer option that will turn it off automatically when you will already be asleep.

Besides, you can consider an indoor fountain as an option. The sound of splashing water is found to be great for relaxation. They are very easy to use since most of them are designed to fit your bedside table.

  1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is known for its relaxing and soothing properties. Aromatherapy products help you unwind and go to sleep in an easy and pleasant way. There are plenty of different aromatherapy products nowadays: candles, diffusers or lamps. Or you can simply take a bath with aroma oils, like lavender or neroli, which will help you to relax.

Besides, if you wonder how to go to sleep without putting too much effort into it, just get the alarm clock that have built in aroma diffuser for extra relaxation. It has timer option so you can set the specific time when you want the aromatherapy diffuser start working.

  1. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea can be the answer on how to go to sleep because it has been known for its relaxant and sedative properties since ancient times. You can drink a cup of herbal tea, camomile, for example, before going to bed to make it easier for your body to go to sleep. You can find a big range of bagged herbal teas that help you fall asleep online, but make sure they are caffeine free, otherwise you won’t achieve desired effect.


Sep 232011

It is difficult to get up early when you experience troubles with falling asleep. Deep and tight sleep can improve your health and help you get up early feeling great! Going to sleep without putting much effort into it is possible; you just need to stay away from some things and products that prevent you from falling sleeping. If you wonder how to go to sleep easily, you should consider avoiding the following things:

  1. Caffeine

First of all you should avoid caffeine. It stimulates your nervous system and can be a great helper in the morning when you feel sleepy and unable to concentrate, but all the products that contain caffeine should be consumed before noon, otherwise your nervous system will be overexcited and you simply won’t be able to fall asleep easily.

  1. Alcohol

A lot of people usually have few drinks before going to bed. It is an easy way to relieve the stress after a long working day. Besides, alcohol makes you sleepy and this way you don’t have troubles falling asleep. But, it is definitely not the way how to go to sleep. Alcohol affects our sleep patterns and it takes your body twice longer to process the alcohol when you are asleep. This way you won’t have problems falling asleep, but you won’t be able to get proper sleep needed to be fully rested in the morning.

  1. Heavy Meal

If you want to know how to go to sleep easily, you should consider having your last meal at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Going to bed full makes it difficult for your body to relax and fall asleep. But if you can’t go to sleep when you are hungry, you can have some light snack, an apple, for example.

  1. Watching TV

Watching TV stimulates your brain activity and, instead of getting rested after a long working day, you get excited and unable to fall asleep. Have you noticed you need to lie down for some time before you fall asleep after watching TV? Besides, having TV inside your bedroom isn’t a good idea at all.

  1. Playing Computer Games

Playing Computer Games stimulates your nervous system just as much as watching TV. You should avoid these activities before going to bed. If you need some help on how to go to sleep easily, you should consider reading, the best bedtime activity.


Sep 202011

Good sleep is one of the key constituents of human wellbeing. Physical and emotion health depend on how well you sleep at night. It may sound absurd but comfort of the present day has its negative affects on us. From one hand we want to have our every-day concerns done easier, from the other, comfortable life stagnates the physical and emotional reserves of our organism. This stagnation leads to different disorders. We hope the article will help you find your clue to the problem of how to go to sleep when you are not tired.


1. If you are not tired, why should you sleep? You may use this time to do something useful that will exhaust you to some extent so that you will sleep well afterwards.


2. Do you have a good air ventilation? You don’t need super conditioning systems – just open the window. High room temperature (above 25C, about 80F) in winters will do no good to your health. Get used to lower temperature, say, 20C (about 70F) or less. Also in winter do not overheat the place where you sleep. To be on the safe side just put on cotton socks.


3. Check there is no light disturbance in the room. Even some small blinking light may be rather disturbing at night.


4. The minor sounds (for example dripping water) may be very annoying, whereas a pleasant melody can be very relaxing (for example Chopin’s Waltz N7).


5. Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep when you are hungry. Still, we know that eating late in the evening is no good for health. Thus, take the golden mean. If you feel hungry eat some fruits, cottage cheese, or nuts.


6. Deep-breathing may also help. Although you may not feel tired you may be anxious about something which actually prevents you from falling asleep. Thus you need a deep relaxation. When in the bed (with the sound and light already fixed), lie full-length on the back having the legs and hands stretched out alongside. Slowly take a deep breath, keep it for some time, and then breathe out even slower. Make this exercise only 2-3 times, otherwise the effect will be contrary – not relaxing but stimulating.


7. Try reading some difficult book or the Bible in the low light.


8. The solution to the problem may be in the very question “how to go to sleep when you are not tired?” To have long and truly refreshing sleep one should get physically tired. Do sports! Exercises in a gym are great but even better is jogging or running outdoors. Don’t just sit all days round at a computer in the office and then again at the computer and the TV set at home. Be active!


9. And finally try changing your sleeping place. According to Feng Shui philosophy, there are positive and negative energy poles. It means you should try finding your right energy balance. Thus one direction of the bed may be negative for you while the other healing. Try different directions and then move your bad accordingly.


Note: Nevertheless abstain from taking sleep pills. Watching TV a lot also leads to sleep disorders.

Sep 202011

How well you feel during the day much depends on how well you slept at night. Nowadays many people either have different sleep problems or suffer from persistent insomnia. Sleep is a very important process during which the whole organism including the mind and body relaxes and recharges. It is crucial for the proper function of the nervous system. If you haven’t slept just one night most likely you will feel jaded during the day. So, what are the reasons that lead to sleep disorders? What can restore the quality of sleep? In this article you will find answers to these questions and will learn how to fall asleep fast and sleep well.


First of all the things that create sleep problems are: stress, lack of physical activity, poor quality of food, need for fresh air, and other. Pills do not solve the problem. Here you will find a list of things that can help you restore your night sleep. These 7 steps will increase the overall quality of your life.


Step 1. If you smoke, quit smoking – be a fresh-air lover!


Step 2. Get moving! We have an inborn need for physical activity, it is in our genes. Feel lazy? Yes, at first it may be hard to break the bonds, but do it! Take a walk (5-10 km) in the fresh air early in the morning (6-7 a.m.). Later proceed to jogging, jumping, etc. Soon you will realize that being physically active from one side makes the body pleasantly tired, and from the other, fills your mind and body with positive energy for the next 5-6 hours.


Step 3. All in the nature has rhythm (day and night, seasons, etc.) and your body should live in a rhythm too. Go to bed at least at 10-11 p.m. and wake up at 6-7 a.m. Sleep hours before the midnight are of better quality. Do not stay awake till 2 a.m. Stick to the right rhythm.


Step 4. Napping during the day is no good. You lack sleep, thus you think you will make up for it with a nap during the day. In the result what you get is a vicious cycle – as napping disorders the night sleep. Napping can easily become a habit thus you may find it hard to stop doing so.


Step 5. Stop having a lot of junk food, fast food, coffee, and sweets. Fruits, vegetables, soured milk products (yoghurt, cottage cheese, etc.) are what you need. Do not overeat, eat slowly – enjoying the process!


Step 6. Take a warm shower.


Step 7. If thoughts at night is your problem – the best thing you can do to find peace of mind is to pray. Make it a habit! When the day is over, sit comfortably by a lamp with the Bible. Reading it for some 15 minutes will be enough to get away from the day worries and fill with positive emotions. It will help you free from stress, tension, and find the desired solitude.


Now you know how to fall asleep fast and sleep well. Enjoy your life!