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Essinsial Oils for sleep

When you are having problems getting enough sleep, trying a few drops of diluted essential oils or a blend of essential oils for sleep can help you drift off to sleep without depending on a sleep prescription or over-the-counter sleep aid. You can either dilute the essential oil according to a recipe and use it in a diffuser, or apply it to a cotton ball and place it near your head on your pillow.



Books with Recipes Using Essential Oils for Sleep

Knowing how to properly blend essential oils will help you to receive the greatest benefits. Some oils are known for both the stimulating and relaxing effects, depending on the individual. With some experience, you will learn how various oils affect you. When using essential oils, pay attention to what your body is telling you so that you will know when you should take a break until your body is ready for more.


There are recipes published on the Internet, but concerning such complex topics, it is better to rely on the advice of an expert. Even though essential oils are natural and come from plants, they can cause allergic reactions or should not be used by infants, children, the elderly, or pregnant or lactating women. In addition, they are very potent and should not be used without some research about potential side effects. When in doubt, please consult a trained aromatherapist or holistic healer.


The Essential Oils Handbook:: All the Oils You Will Ever Need for Health, Vitality and Well-Being
lists precautions for each essential oil and has some recipes for blending. This 288 page book covers how essential oils are used including for vaporizers, inhalations, massages, compresses, and baths. It is an excellent resource for beginners written by Jennie Harding.



The Essential Oils Book: Creating Personal Blends for Mind & Body
is written by a herbalist, Colleen K. Dodt, who has over 15 years of experience. It covers which essential oils to use with caution and when to avoid using an essential oil, which is necessary for beginners.




The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Over 600 Natural, Non-Toxic and Fragrant Recipes to Create Health – Beauty – a Safe Home Environment
is a comprehensive overview of essential oils and their properties. Written by an aromatherapist who owns a clinic in England, it is a guide to inhalation or external application of essential oils. It does not list precautions, so beginners will need to do more research. This 448 page book is by Valerie Ann Worwood.



Suggested Essential Oils for Beginners

Essential Oil Home Aromatherapy Sampler Set
includes six 10 mL bottles of essential oil. Try lavender essential oil for relaxation, or grapefruit, lemon, spearmint, peppermint, sweet orange, or lemon to brighten your mood. By Plantlife, this essential oils gift set costs about $21.



The Essential Oil- Beginners Best of the Best Gift Set
has 14 essential oils in a box suitable for presentation as a gift, or to keep your essential oils organized, all at about half the price of purchasing separately. It contains four essential oils for relaxing including lavender, clary sage, patchouli, and sweet orange; and lemon, lime, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon leaf, bergamot, rosemary, and sweet orange for stimulation or blending. By Edens Garden this gift set is about $41.50.


Synergy Blends- (Relaxation, Stress Relief, Breathe Easy, Meditation, Renew, Aphrodisiac) Top 6 Basic Sampler Pack 100% Pure Essential Oil Gift Set
includes six 10 mL bottles of pure essential oil to enhance any mood. These professionally blended oils by Edens Garden costs about $20 and are perfect for using with a diffuser.


Ultimate Aromatherapy 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Set
includes 32 bottles of 10 mL each of pure essential oils and professionally blended oils for every use. It includes the relaxation synergy blend, breathe easy synergy blend, aphrodisiacs synergy blend, meditation synergy plan, and renew synergy blend. For relaxation, try lavender or patchouli. To brighten your mood or to be mixed in aromatherapy recipes, it includes bergamot, basil, cedarwood, cinnamon leaf, cloves, citronella, eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon, lemon eucalyptus, lemon grass, lime, peppermint, pine, spearmint, sweet orange, tangerine, tea tree, and wintergreen. It also includes frankincense and tea tree for skin care or for blending. By Edens Garden, this gift set is about $100.


Suggested Essential Oils for Sleep

Lavender essential oil is perhaps the most popular of all the essential oils for sleep. It is one of the few essential oils that can either be diluted, or can be applied directly to your skin or pillow without diluting with a carrier oil. There are several varieties of lavender, and each has a different aroma and slightly different healing properties. Lavender hybrids are denoted by a “x” in between the “Lavendula” and the cultivar with which it is crossed. Some lavenders smell more medicinal while others smell sweeter. Try several different lavender varieties until you find ones you like and respond to.


Neroli (Citrus aurantium amara) essential oil
is from the blossoms of either the sweet or bitter orange tree. This oil has long been used for stress, insomnia, grief, stress, and irritability, as well as for acne and other skin problems. A 10 mL bottle by Edens Garden is about $27.75.


Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)
is the quintessential scent of the 1960s, although it has been used for hundreds, or even thousands, of years for its musky, sweet aroma. It is prized for bringing about serenity and a meditative state. By Plantlife, this 30 mL bottle is about $20.


Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum)

is an Australian sandalwood therapeutic grade essential oil by Edens Garden, and costs about $38 for a 10 mL bottle.


Clary sage (Salvia sclarea)
has been used as a sedative and for insomnia, nerves, tension, and well-being. It has an earthy, musky, somewhat floral aroma, and mixes well with many other essential oils. A 10 mL bottle by Edens Garden costs about $3.50.


Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica)
is used for its calming and grounding effects. Its sweet, balsamic aroma mixes well with many oils, including thyme, rosemary, and lavender. There are several types of cedarwood use for essential oil which are harvested from different parts of the world. The 10 mL bottle from Edens Garden costs about $3.50 and is harvested from trees of the Himalayas in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.


Valerian Root (Valeriana fauriei)
is well-known since Hippocrates time to support sleep and relaxation, as well as for its calming effects on the central nervous system. Its earthy, woody, musky, balsamic aroma blends well with cedarwood, lavender, patchouli, and pine. A 5 mL bottle of therapeutic grade essential oil by Edens Garden is about $17.25.


Petitgrain (Petitgrain bigarde)
is harvested from leaves and twigs of the same variety of tree as bitter orange oil and neroli oil. Aromatherapists use it for its calming effects over anger and stress. It blends well with rose geranium, clary sage, lavender, and sandalwood. A 10 mL bottle of therapeutic grade essential oil by Edens Garden is about $10.


With a little practice and experience, you will master the art of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils for sleep. Essential oils are multipurpose, so be sure to find recipes for skin care, first aid, deodorant, and hormonal issues to further enhance your well-being. Also look for recipes to clean your home and naturally eliminate odors.


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