Nov 282011

Sleep is very much necessary to make a person fit overall; many people nowadays do not realize the importance of sleeping other than taking it as another form of rest. Only after a good night’s sleep can you reach the maximum potential of your intellect. Also the complaints of feeling sleepy, tired and drowsy in either school or during work are due to inadequate amount of sleep taken by an individual each night. A good night’s sleep gives you stability in your emotions and keeps you recharged longer for the next day, this gives forth better results in whatsoever activity the individual has involved himself in. You need to start with waking up each morning at the same time, set this time in accordance to your routine and your school time. You must not change the time even for weekends or holidays, also make sure that you do not give yourself any relaxation in following the time. If you keep doing this over a period of time, eventually your body will get used to wake up at that specific time without the need of alarm clocks or help from family members. This will enable your body to go to sleep as soon as it gets tired naturally, at the beginning of this exercise, things may get very hard but eventually your body itself will cope with the problem and handle it easily. When your daily habits become monotonous, for example being in school and attending classes, soon enough your body will get used to this routine and would be able to do tasks without being sleepy in class or feeling tired. Since it takes some time for your body to adopt the new ways, make sure you give it that time and do not get frustrated too soon and bail out. Give yourself at least minimum of ten days to get used to new routine. Make sure that within this time period, you do not under any case break the rules or give yourself relaxation. Naps are taken to recharge you and to make up for the lost sleep due to any reason. Do not sleep late, wake up early but take a daytime nap after doing some of your morning work. Try not taking a nap afternoon since it will then not allow you to get in bed earlier. Also, limit your naps to a maximum of 30 minutes. Many people complain regarding the drowsiness right after dinner, due to which they usually end up waking in the middle of the night, the key to solve this problem is to fight it efficiently. Do some exercise or go for a walk or make indulge in some creative work. Do not, especially at night time, relax yourself with television or video games, they stimulate your mind in such a way that you won’t be able to sleep. An effective alternative can be listening to songs or maybe listen to an audio book. If you follow the above guidelines, be sure to feel fresh in school and be able to get better grades!

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