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Every once in a while you will feel tired and bored of your same routine. Sometimes it will be because you’re an early sleeper and sometimes because you don’t get to sleep at all. At such events, it becomes necessary to change your sleep routine. Given below are a few tips that will help you generate quick results.

First of all, don’t expect that your routine will change just in a single day. Stay patient and wait for the change. Put a 15 minute margin for each day. If you are persistent about your change, you will hopefully get desired results in 3 to 4 days.

Once this is done, don’t forget that if you need to sleep 15 minutes early then your routine bed time, everything of your daily routine needs to be planned 15 minutes earlier as well. This means that you eat early, and work out early as well. Sometimes when such a change is being taken, there might be unexpected wake up calls, right in the middle of the night. Don’t panic, its normal, your body is trying to adjust and see what each time accounts for. Go to the washroom and come back – this is done so that a little movement is encountered. Shift position from the way you were lying down before and try to sleep again.

Again, make sure all your activities are lined up way before the bed time. The more actively you participate in activities right before bed time, the more active your brain will be and the harder it will become to shift to night mode instantly. Tire out yourself a little before going to bed. Make sure no caffeine and / or sugary items are consumed before bed time as it will only keep you up.

Furthermore, try to give your body and mind a conducive environment to sleep. There must be no interference. And zero tolerance for this rule. Make sure that the light is dim and that there is no or very little sound and distractions.

Another factor is to try and move up your workspace to a different location from your bed or the place where you sleep. This helps two ways. One, your bed becomes less cluttered giving you more room and comfort. Two, your brain will recognize your bed as your sleeping spot, a spot where you will only go to relax and sleep. So whenever you will go to your bed, your brain will automatically shift to a low gear and try to get sleep as it knows it has entered a rest place.

If nothing else works, and you immediately need to sleep, you might want to try out a sleeping pill. But be sure to use those ONLY on the advice of a doctor. An overdose can become life threatening as well. And it is never a wise idea to get addicted to such pills. So keep it natural as much as you can.

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