Oct 262011

It is not very unusual to think very clearly and loudly at night especially when you are in viagra bed. This happens because throughout the day you are so busy and hardly get a chance to stop and think, and so finally when you get in bed, and have nothing else to do there often come thoughts and wisdom. This is one of the reasons why some of the world renowned artists got inspiration at night time to write even better.

In order to clear your head you have to not think of all the things that you unconsciously want to think of, instead divert your mind in some other activities, such as meditation or relaxation of the body. These activities do not necessarily force the individual to get off the bed; you can very well do these activities while still lying down. The traditional way of clearing your head is to count something, preferably sheep so to not get things interesting, although other items will just do the trick too. The logic behind this traditional exercise is to concentrate on this and not thinking of anything else, eventually boring you to fall asleep. Other ways of boring your self is to think of the most boring thing, say your foot toe. Concentrate on it and feel it and think of it. This can be especially tough as your creativity will give you great kicks, but you have to keep your focus and nothing else. You can also imagine that you are riding your bicycle or your motorbike and are riding it in your neighborhood. Try taking the usual path you take in the morning. Along the way think of the streets, the houses the people in them and remember it. This is a particularly tough exercise for your brain as a lot of thinking is involved; this will tire the brain soon and will get you to sleep early. You can also be imaginative and dream of winning a million dollars, now you can think of all the things you always wanted and how you would spend the million dollars so to fulfill all your dreams and still save some cash. You can play a game of Sudoku or read a book at night time to help you sleep. Keep doing them until you are eventually tired, but beware that for some doing such activities might make them more awake especially when it’s a book on its climax or a book they love. Make sure that you are not one of those people before you do this exercise. Take deep breaths and try keeping it in as long as you focus on each breath you take and relax. If any thought comes just refocus your mind and go back to relaxing again.

The trick in all of these exercises is to focus on one thing and to not to let your mind carry you away with its thoughts. Thinking of one particular thing will bore you, and doing too much brain activity will automatically tire you. Both way encouraging sleep and making you focus on one thing.

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