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How to go to Sleep | How to Fall Asleep on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting night of the year, but also one of the most difficult nights to sleep. Between getting the children calmed down even enough to think about going to bed, making your guests comfortable, and preparing everything for the occasion, it can also be the most stressful night of the year. With a little planning, you can make sure the whole household is ready to go to sleep in a timely manner and have the best Christmas ever.


1)     Read The Night Before Christmas. This classic story not only rhymes, but it rhymes at hypnotic intervals to put you to sleep fast. If this does not work, find the most boring book you have and read it.

2)     Eat a turkey sandwich. Turkey has tryptophan, the substance responsible for making you feel tired after you eat Thanksgiving dinner.

3)     Drink some eggnog. Milk has tryptophan, magnesium, and calcium, which all help you to sleep.

How to go to sleep |Turn off all electronic devices4)     Turn off the computer, television, and cell phone. These electronic devices are stimulating, and not conducive to sleep.

5)     Focus on all of your body parts starting at your toes and imagine them relaxing. Work your way all the way up your body to your shoulders, then down your arms, and then to the back of your head. This has a way of relaxing you and preparing you for sleep.

6)     Think about the true meaning of Christmas and make a long list of all that you have to be grateful for.

7)     Think about how Saint Nicholas, the original Santa Claus, helped the poor children of his time, and how you can give back to benefit others during your time.

How to Go to Sleep | Use Aromatherapy8)     Do not peek at your presents. This only spoils your surprise and makes Christmas unexciting.

9)     Use some essential oils for aromatherapy. These have been used for centuries to bring about calmness and overcome insomnia. Good ones to try are lavender and clary sage.

10) Get everything organized and make sure everything is finished before you go to bed. This will keep you from wondering if you forgot something.

11) To your regular bedtime routine. Brushing your teeth and putting on your PJs tells your body it is time to go to sleep.

How to go to sleep | Take a Warm Bath12) Take a warm bath with essential oils. This relaxes you, makes you fill warm all over, and get you ready to sleep.

13) Get up early Christmas Eve morning so that you will be tired earlier that night.

14) If you have children, make sure they get plenty of exercise during the day to wear them out so they will be ready to sleep early that night. Perhaps shorten their nap that day to help them sleep at night.

15) Do not worry about falling asleep. This just causes stress and makes harder to fall asleep.

16) Do not look at the clock after you go to bed. Counting how many hours it is until you have to wake up just causes frustration.


Christmas is one of the most exciting days of the year. You want to be at your best because this is the only time of the year you get to see some of your loved ones. Plan ahead to help yourself get a restful night’s sleep.

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  3 Responses to “How to Fall Asleep on Christmas Eve”

  1. honestly i think this will work because tomorrow is christmas eve and i want to SLEEP(till 7 oclock!) LOL

  2. Hey. I have a good feeling that this will work. It’s xmas eve today and I really needed something to help me because I always wake up at 2 O’clock on Xmas morning because I love it. But, whenever me and my brother and sister come down my dad always says that we have to wait until he’s finishing his drink, so what should I do. I always go crazy in the morning, last night I thought it was Xmas eve so at 1 O’clock this morning I ran into my brother’s room and screamed ‘it’s XMAS!’ Then my dad had to take me back to bed and I didn’t get much sleep…
    So anyway, thanks for the advice and I will contact you on Boxing day or the day after to tell you if it worked!

  3. so tonight is christmas eve and im really excited last year i woke up at 8 which normally i wake up at 6 and noone will get up til 9ish so thank you