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If you are sensitive to slightest of noise then it is possible that you remain sleep deprived for several days in the wake of surrounding noises. Benefits of having a good night’s sleep are quite well known and it is established that a good sleep helps in developing healthy body and mind. There are many events that could disturb your sleep and most probably you won’t get it afterwards. It could be loud noise of television set, bad weather, loud music or gregarious snoring. Even if you feel it is impossible to sleep with so many noises, there are some ways by which you could achieve it.

  • The first obvious option to shut down the outside sound is to close the windows. If your window is not properly caulked then it may fail to seal the outside noise hence in this case, seal the window gaps with paper cutouts. If the climate is hot and unbearable then just switch on your air conditioning system. This will also help in eliminating the outside noise as most of the air conditioning units create some or other kind of noise which would distract your attention from the outside noise.


  • Hot water is best for getting good night’s sleep and if you are not in favor of bathing at night then just wash your legs and palms with hot water, you are surely going to get sound sleep. Even drinking warm milk at bedtime helps to obtain good sleep despite of outside music.


  • Another way of getting sleep in heavy sound is to block the sound with other sound. This works best and if you have iPod or music player just put the soft music over the system and try to ignore the outside voice. It works effectively if you put the music over headphones while keeping the volume on lower side to help the brain relaxation.


  • Lie down on the bed and by imagining each portion of your body, call out to relax. Start with your toe nails and work upwards but remember to engage every part separately. For example start as ‘my first finger of left toe is relaxing then second’ and so on up till head and hair strands. This movement engages your mind in different direction and slowly you will notice that you are getting sleepy.


  • There is another way to get sound sleep in heavy noise and that is to construct and imagine happy event. This may seem foolish but it works for many people. What you have to do is to imagine a person with whom you want to spend quality time, and then imagine a dream destination putting elements that you fantasize. Next is to indulge yourself in possible conversations with the person and also imagine his/her replies. You can make it in the form of dream date, happy meeting or anything you like.


  • If the sound is too loud then best way to get sleep in this condition is to count numbers starting from last to first. Imagine a number that should be of three digits and from that start counting backwards. This helps a lot to get sleep, as your brain is involved in counting activity, you will forget everything about the outside voice. If possible, count numbers in your mother tongue as it makes the procedure simple and effective.


  • Record and listen a sound that sooths your mind, most people record relaxing sound of waves, air, gushing water or similar and listen with the help of recorder in night. This should be listened with the help of headphones to get maximum effect. The choice of sound is totally yours and if you are spiritual then you can record poems, chanting of OM and similar god related texts.


  • The next tip may sound weird but helps many to get rid of the annoying sound. If you have ceiling fan at home then stare at the fan and its circular movements as this sometimes make the brain dizzy which could be concluded in sound sleep. If you don’t have ceiling fan then stare at any object present in your room that is moving which could be your wall clock.


If nothing helps in getting sleep then you may consider purchasing earplugs that seal the outside sound and provide healthy sleep. Having earplugs for sealing sound could be effective but it produces risk of sleeping until late because you won’t even hear the alarm clock. It is better that you try all the above mentioned tips as they would surely give you sound sleep in heavy outside noise.

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