Dec 072011
How to Get Back to Sleep

Waking up in the middle of the night and then being able to go back to sleep is a problem for many. This problem can be faced on regular bases by some individuals while some others it can be due to chance. Either way, its hectic, disturbs the routine and makes one restless and tired on the next day.  There can be certain reasons due to this happens, maybe you slept way before your bedtime or perhaps you missed your dinner and you just got very hungry.  There is also a chance that you had a bad dream or are just emotionally stressed. And for many, it can be plain insomnia. Whatsoever the reason may be, there still is a cure for this and if you follow the guidelines laid down you will be able to get back to sleep before you know it.

When you wake up at night, do not get out of the bed, stay in as hard as it may seem. Do not get fatigued or stressed over the fact that you woke up, try not to even think about it. The very stress will encourage your body to stay awake and not let you sleep. Relax in your bed and think and feel the sensations of your own body.

Sleep is for Relaxation

Sleep rejuvenates your body, giving it rest and charging it and your senses for another day. So do not make sleep your goal, instead aim for relaxation. You can visualize relaxing moments or meditate; these can be done without getting out of the bed. For many, deep breathing can do the trick and they will feel relaxed instantly. Although relaxation most certainly won’t be a replacement for sleep, but it will at least get you through the night and next morning you won’t feel cranky.

Counting sheep can help?

For many, even now, counting sheep’s jumping over a fence can be very much relaxing in going back to sleep, so know it for sure that it’s not too hard. If you have been awake for a little longer than fifteen minutes, you can get out of the bed and do an easy non-stimulating activity that does not get your body on alert and making the biological clock believe that its morning now. You can read a book or can even have a light snack. Avoid bright lights, use low light lamps as light is one of the main stimuli for the body. When you have a snack, make sure it is quick and light so that your body does not prepare itself for a meal to follow.

What of you wake up during night?

When you wake up, try not to think of your problems, if you have some points to ponder on, write them down so that you can worry about them later when the sun is out. Thinking too much is avoided since the brain will keep relating things from one another and you will jump from one situation to another and will eventually understand you are just running in a circle.

Waking up and not being able to get back to sleep is not a disease or a problem; it’s a very common thing which is faced by everyone in their daily life. Do not worry and relax!

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