Oct 142011

Often felt that you’re hitting that awful insomnia stage? Ever wondered why sleepless nights are pounding on your head especially when you’ve hit a cloud? Below given are a few pointers that you need to put on your permanent check list to ensure a peaceful night with a full zest of sleeping pattern. First of all, be sure to get indulged in a physical activity. It can be exercise, or a dance routine. It is totally your choice of what you want as an exercise pattern. It is always advisable to exercise or make that physical exertion several hours before your bedtime. That way, your body would have recovered from the implicit physical activity and be ready to take on some rest. Exercise will not only make you sleep better but also keep you in proper shape. Furthermore, physical activity of any kind helps you in keeping control on your snoring too. So basically, we’re talking several benefits in just this one basic step.

For a better sleep it is also advisable to stop the consumption of alcohol and some stimulants like coffee, and soda. Even if utilized in the morning, these drinks can have long lasting effects. If taken without care, even coffee will make you stay up late night or at times wake you up in the middle of the night, without being able to go back to sleep again. Along with this, totally boycott chocolate and any kind of sugary eatables before bed time. These are your worst enemies when talking about sleep disorders.

Another tip is to relax you. Yes, definitely sleep is meant to be the relax process. But have you ever prepared your body for it? We always tend to work a lot and then hit the bed immediately. Our body is overly occupied with everything we do. So relaxation should be essential. This can be in the form of listening to music or reading a joke book. Just anything that will make you feel light or relaxed.

For a better sleep, keep one schedule for all times that you fall asleep and wake up. This way, your body will get used to it as well and will not feel pressured if you try and sleep at one time and a completely opposite time at another day. Also, you will get the right kind of sleep in the same allotted time so you will wake up even more rested than before.

This tip is associated with all those who multi-task in their rooms. Stop it immediately; it is not a healthy sign. If your bedroom is a space used for multiple purposes like watching TV, exercising, reading or even playing games, your brain will tend to associate it with all the activities that you do even when you want to sleep. This means that unknowingly your brain will resist sleeping. So, always make sure that your sleep place is separate from a place where you do all the other activities. For people who have a smaller space, however, like one bedroom houses, or studio apartments, it must be easier said, since they have to manage everything between the same places. For such people, an attempt to create separation can be done by folding screens, or by minimizing activities just around your bed or sleeping area.

A bladder that is full not only creates uneasy feeling and immediate need to use the washroom but also creates disturbance with your sleep. So always stop drinking any fluids an hour or two before you go to bed. You will feel much lighter and at ease.

No matter how much science advances and how many medical remedies are provided, the herbal side will always be known for its natural roots. These natural herbs will not only make you sleep , but you will stay asleep till a desired number of hours and the best part is that there is almost no side effect!

As a final word, when nothing works, you must consult your doctor as there may be a medical unfitness due to which you are unable to sleep. If required, your medical doctor might even refer you to a psychologist.

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