Dec 072011
How to go to sleep when you are too excited about tomorrow

If you have a very happy event coming on next day then it is very likely that you will stay awake just thinking and jumping about it. Similar to other emotions, anxiety too contributes in depriving the person from getting normal sleep. Other emotions that commonly wake the people up are worry, stress, tensions and anxiety. If you are having a happy event coming up which you were waiting for whole your life then it is very likely that you won’t get any sleep throughout the night. This also posts negative effect over the event because you might not enjoy it to fullest owing to the sleep deprivation. Thus, if you want to enjoy the event and take a good sleep follow these tips closely. These will basically work over your mind to invite sound sleep at night.

1)  If you are thinking that to get good sleep you will sleep earlier than regular routine then forget it. Sleeping early is not a solution to get sound sleep because when you sleep early you are obviously thinking about the upcoming event and finally sleeping quite late in night. The best thing to do is to follow regular timings as if everything is normal and you are going to have a normal day ahead.


2)   Make sure that you have followed the same activities that you would follow every day. Also make sure that you are not wasting time in watching television as this would further deprive you from the sleep. Another thing to do is to switch the lights off and close the door of your room so that your slumber is not disturbed by outside noise.


3)   Another effective way to get normal sleep when you are exited is to scribble everything that is currently going through your mind. This should include the preparation of the event if any and everything that you are thinking about over a paper and once you are finished just go to sleep. The trick here is, often people try to remember if they have kept everything for the packing or have made every possible arrangement for event and drift away of sleep hence with this paper in your hand you could quickly check and reassure that you have done everything. This satisfactory sense often leads to sound sleep.


4)   As usual, taking hot bath also helps in getting sound sleep if followed closely before the bedtime. If possible raise the temperature of the water to your comfort level as this eases the muscles of body and compels the brain to have some sleep. If you like then you could have some stuffed toys around you to hug and go to sleep.


5)   Take warm and flavored milk in night time and especially just before going off to bed. Milk shows remarkable effects over the sleepless mind and really helps the person to get good sleep. Actually, milk creates a satiety value in your stomach which eventually leads to nice slumber. If you are wary of milk then have a good and hot cup of tea which would produce similar effect. Remember here that coffee is not a choice because coffee is a stimulant that would lead to insufficient sleep.


6)   Make sure that the temperature of the room is perfect, neither hot nor too cool as this could lead to sleep deprivation. If it is winter time then wrap yourself up in a nice and warm comforter or duvet as this is excellent option to get normal sleep. If its summer time than adjust the room temperature to your body requirements.


7)   Another effective way to get sleep in the wake of excitement is to get indulged in some type of activity. You can do anything that you prefer at night time such as reading favorite books, listening to soft music and so on. While choosing the activity, remember that it should not be of kind that would engross you for long time as this would ultimately lead to sleep deprivation. The best choice is to hear soft music in your system and get normal sleep due to thought distraction.


8)   Try some ideas that feel utterly stupid but work for getting sleep such as counting number of sheep that are traversing a bar over the creek, counting numbers starting from end to start, watching ceiling fan or wall clock and similar others.


You could also try soothing exercise such as deep breathing to ward off the anxiety and get some sleep.

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