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The sleep need of a toddler is much more than an adult but reversibly, every toddler refuses to go to sleep at normal time. As these are in their developmental stages, they need at least 14 hours of sleep to complete the necessary functions. Even so, the children of this age are very active and generally in play mode when their mothers are trying to make them fall asleep. Some parents claim that they have tried everything to get their toddler sleep at normal time and sleep through the night but became unsuccessful. Getting to sleep on time is actually a habit that could be generated amongst the toddler with proper technique and knowledge.

  1. It is obvious that you must be spending two to three hours running behind the toddler to get him to bed hence if you start the procedure earlier you will get effective results. If possible start winding up from post evening hours and get your child to bed from that time so even if he takes two to three hours to finally get asleep then it is still good time for him to sleep. Even though he will wake you up early in morning, the total hours of sleep will be more than enough.


  1. Most of the children love to take afternoon nap which is another reason for them to wake till night. If you could manage the nap time and duration you could be successful in providing the ideal sleep duration in night. This doesn’t mean you should prevent him from the day nap because that is also an elementary part of child’s growth.


  1. Sleeping on time is just a matter of habit hence if you could set a daily routine for the child; he will automatically go to bed and wake up at that time. Involve certain entertaining activities before getting him to sleep such as hot water bathing, interesting stories, lullabies and similar actions that would make an impression over his brain that this is the time to sleep. Make sure you follow the routine carefully because slowly you will recognize that the child is sleepy as soon as you start the bathing and other regime.


  1. You should lure the toddler to get to sleep by anything that he likes, suppose if you want to make him sleep at 7 in the evening then lure him by extra song or story as this will attract him and you would see that he is already in his bed waiting for the storyteller. Most of the children of this age resist sleeping early and in this situation you could easily lure them with some interesting activity.


  1. Children have separate clock for performing each and every activity and this could be gauged by their regular behavior. You might have noticed that some children like to stay awake in late nights and some love to get up quite early in morning. This clock could be altered if you manage their eating, playing and sleeping activities. It is known that children that wake in night often have disturbed sleep because staying up late causes some changes in body that would lead to insufficient and obstructive sleep. If you make a routine to get him to bed at the time of evening then you can surely observe the changes.


  1. Make sure that your children have a bed full of stuffed goodies and soft blankets that really help them getting asleep. Also make sure that his or her room is completely free form any noise coming out of television or other sources. Also make the room as dark as possible which automatically lead to sleep as the child have nothing to see and observe.


  1. As you have settled a time at which you will force him to get sleeping, make sure you make all the changes that you do in normal bedtime. The best one to follow is to switch the lights off, dropping curtains to make it dark, giving warm milk to improve the sleep further and so on.


  1. Common to grownups, the toddlers get to sleep easily with some rigorous exercise or activity. As the body tires out with heavy outdoor playing, the mind races to get some rest. Therefore, if you involve the child in some or other kind of outdoor activity before the scheduled bedtime it will prove beneficial. The outdoor activity is also good for overall development of the child.


Try and follow these tips to make a toddler go to sleep at ideal time and rest in peace for the remaining evening.

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