Nov 132011

The quote “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” is true for various reasons. Lacking a goodnights sleep due to sleeping late can raise many problems in your body and in your emotional balance. Many people after a lack of sleep to get cranky and short tempered, they are also known for a lack of balance in their life and in their decisions. Problems to the body can not only be physically such as dull skin and dark circles but also internal bodily functions are disturbs as the biological clock alters. It tries adapting your lifestyle but since it fails, the health consequently starts deteriorating hence it is very much important to align biological clock with the natures clock and help your body stay young and healthy.

It is easy to say and most definitely difficult to follow, there are many ways to motivate you to start sleeping early. If you stay up so you can watch your favorite show which airs at late night, you can always put it on recording for you to see the next day in the morning, this way not only will you have an alternative but also will be motivated to sleep early so you can watch the show early next morning. Avoid televisions, cell phones and bright lights near your bedtime so to send fewer stimuli to your brain and hence making it prepare itself for sleeping earlier. Also make a set routine of waking up early each morning this way your body will naturally get tired after a long and will retire itself way before you imagine it to on normal days. Try drinking milk especially at night time since it contains an amino acid known to raise the levels of melatonin in your body. What melatonin does is that it slows the brain activity hence making you drowsy and makes you prepare your body to sleep. Cut down caffeine intake especially near your bedtime. Heavy meals right before sleep are not good either since your body’s metabolic reactions will be very fast, it might make you drowsy since the blood will be rushing to your stomach but it will be unhealthy for you and also you will get up soon after you slept. Motivate yourself by doing exercises, the more you work out the more energy you will spend. This way by the end of the day, you will feel tired yourself and would want to go to sleep and so getting in bed won’t be too tough an activity to do.  Read a book with low light, though not low enough to affect your vision. Try avoiding thought of stress and other problems or even creative ideas. You can jolt them down in a notebook and wait till the next day to think about them and brainstorm then. You can also order from your favorite restaurant if you are a food lover and wait or the morning to eat.For each person, the motivation comes in a different way, and hence you need to ponder individually in order to get your motivation according to what your hobbies wants and needs are.

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