Nov 102011
Marpac 980 Sound Conditioner White Noise Machine

Being disturbed in the middle of the night by noisy neighbors and housemates can interfere with your healthy sleep cycle. And when you are trying to go to sleep, the relative quiet can make every sound seemed louder. There are several machines on the market to help cover up the noise, but if you prefer the sounds of a fan without being chilled by the breeze from the fan, the Sound Conditioner SleepMate White Noise Machine can be an effective solution. It creates a soothing and consistent sound of white noise, and sounds like a perfectly designed and maintained fan. Unlike many sound machines, the Marpac 980 produces the sound originally, so there is no need for annoying loops. It is effective at covering up background noise including noise from neighbors, blaring TVs and stereos, a snoring partner or housemate, and street sounds. It has padding on the bottom to prevent vibrations.

Marpac 980 Features

How to go to sleep | Marpac 980 Sound Conditioner White Noise MachineWith two speed settings, it can be adjusted to different levels of sounds. In addition, its vent holes can be adjusted to vary the sound of the wind. The controls are on the unit itself, so there is no annoying digging for cords to find the switch to turn it off. There are several ways to adjust the noise of the fan. The fullest sounding tones are obtained from placing the unit across the room on a tall object such as a dresser, but it can be put it on your nightstand. Being placed across the room makes the sound seemed to bounce around the room, making this sound seemĀ  fuller. On the back of the unit is a button to choose high, low, or off. On the top of the unit is a ring to adjust the amount of air that moves through the unit. More air results in a lower tone and less air in a higher tone. On the base of the unit is another ring to adjust the airflow, again adjusting it with more air for a lower tone and less air for a higher tone. By using all four types of the adjustment, there are almost unlimited sounds that the machine can produce.
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Marpac 980 Price and Similar Units

The Marpac 980 is the perfect size to pack and take along on trips to cover up the noises of an unfamiliar environment and sounds that penetrate thin hotel walls. It operates only on household current, and does not have batteries. The unit is packed in frustration free packaging, so it is easy to open and the packaging is recyclable.

The Marpac 580 is a similar unit, but it only has one speed, costing about $45. It still has adjustable

volume and tone that can nicely fill a large room with ambient sound. A similar unit called the SoundScreen is exactly the same the same, but has a different name to be marketed for use in professional offices, like the doctor’s office or psychiatrist’s office, to keep private conversations private.

How to go to sleep | Marpac 980 Sound Conditioner White Noise Machine




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