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music to sleep to

Sleep deprivation can negatively affect your brain and cognitive function, and negatively affect your health, ability to function, relationships, and nearly every aspect of your life. If you are having problems getting to sleep or staying asleep, or find it difficult to stay asleep long enough to feel fully rested, there are many ways to help yourself sleep better.

If you must sleep odd hours because of shift work, have a new baby, or find it necessary to sleep when the rest of the world is awake and making too much noise, an investment in some tools to help you sleep may make all the difference in your quality of life.


Listening to quiet, repetitive music may help you to fall asleep. Taste in music, like all other tastes, is yours alone, and it may take a little experimentation to discover what music make you sleep well. The music should be something you enjoy, but you should not enjoy it enough that it makes you want to dance. Quietly singing along to a tune that you have memorized can be soothing, but if you find that it is stimulating, choose a different song.


Research has shown other sounds to be beneficial to sleep, relaxation, and mood. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used the meridian points of the body for millennia to heal the body, and recent research has shown that the meridian points can be used without needles by using sound. Recent discoveries have also shown that the mind has much more control over the body than previously thought, and former skeptics are discovering that these newer modalities are increasing their quality of life by helping them to heal and to overcome stress.


Personal Sleep Sound Machine

AcousticSheep SP4BM SleepPhones v.4 lets you sleep with your music or sounds while allowing your partner to not hear it. Earphones work great, but are uncomfortable to sleep in, so these comfortable earphones are designed by a family physician to hold the thin removable speakers. Drown out your partner’s snoring with your choice of sounds are compatible with almost any music source, including your iPod or MP3 player, with a standard 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) headphone mini-jack. You can adjust the placement of the microphones to be directly over your ears to completely drown out other noise or near your ears for an ambient sound. Listen to music, nature sounds, binaural beats, the Delta Sleep System, or any other sounds that help you to sleep. It is easy to place the 4 foot cord in a position so that you will not get tangled in it overnight, and the super-thin mics let you sleep on your side without hurting your ears. The microphones can be removed so that you can machine wash the soft fleece headband. The SleepPhone is sewn and assembled in the USA and has a 6 month warranty. The AcousticSheep SP4BM SleepPhones v.4 is about $40, and comes in black or lavender.

AcousticSheep SP4BM SleepPhones v.4 – Earset – Retail Packaging – Black avliable also in Lavender


iPod Compatible Music Systems for Sleep

Bose SoundDock Series II is a Digital Music System is Apple-certified to be compatible with any iPhone or any iPod that has a click wheel, so your music investment can do double duty day and night. This new design features Bose technology and quality sound with an updated, sleek style. Play music from an MP3 player, DVD, or CD and hear your music like you may never have heard it before. It charges your iPod as it plays, so you can listen without running your battery down. Navigate your playlist, adjust volume, seek tracks, and turn it on and off with the remote control. This small system will fit in any room, and has a volume control on the front for when the remote is nearby. Listen to music with finer control, even at low volume. The Bose SoundDock Series II is offered in black or silver, and costs about $250.

Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music System for iPod (Black) avaliable also on Silver


 Sony ICF-C7IP Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone with Hidden Sliding Dock Tray

Sony ICF-C7IP Clock Radio lets you use the features of your iPod and iPhone with a charging dock so that your battery will not run down. It is compatible with most iPod models and iPad models up to 3G. Set dual alarms and wake or fall asleep to your iPod, iPhone, buzzer, radio, AM/FM with 15 presets, or CD. The alarms have individual volume sets so you can set one alarm to softly awaken you to your favorite CD and the other alarm as a loud buzzer to prevent oversleeping. The remote control gives you access to all of your iPod or iPhone music from across the room while being able to read the large LCD display. The battery back up keeps the time in the event the power flashes off. The Sony ICF-C7IP Clock Radio is about $66.
Sony ICF-C7IP Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone with Hidden Sliding Dock Tray


Mood Enhancement and Healing Sounds for Sleep

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is a holistic healer who has experimented with sound to balance acupuncture meridians, perform spinal and cranial adjustments, and normalize organ function. He created these musical soundtracks with sound frequency patterns to entrain brainwaves. Dr. Thompson is also a musician and composer whose methods of sound healing music was one of the top alternative healing modalities in the 1990s. He has worked with Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, and several of the other most well-known alternative healers and self improvement experts, and his work is used in hospitals for pre-surgery and post-surgery, and in cancer centers and clinics. Dr. Thompson has appeared on many TV shows and in many magazines and newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, and Fortune 500 companies and businesses from healthcare to wellness spas have used his high-tech music for relaxation, meditation, healing, learning, and creativity.

The Delta Sleep System is  Binaural beats are subliminal sounds that stimulate your brain by slightly varying the tones played into each ear. Binaural beats have been known since the mid 1800s to induce relaxation, increase focus, stimulate creativity, reduce pain and stress, help meditation, and otherwise positively influence mood and the state of mind.

More Binaural  Beats…


Steven Halpern is a composer and recording artist who produces music that has created a paradigm shift in healing music. Keyboard magazine recognized Halpern as an influential artist in how music is composed, marketed, and listened to, and he is the standard of the healing music genre. He has been featured on many TV shows, including Oprah and 20/20, and his works are used in the healing arts for health centers, healing centers, spas, hospitals, and by corporations in healing centers.



Soothing Music for Sleep

The corres are an Irish pop rock/traditional Celtic folk music band of three sisters and their brother. The Corrs were featured in the Summer Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 1996, have toured with Celine Dion, and are active in philanthropic activities.




Enyais an Irish musical group which features mostly the multi talented Enya herself, but also a producer and a lyricist who writes her songs in many languages, except Irish. On most songs, Enya creates her trademark sound by layering her voice as many as 80 times, and performing all of the percussion and instruments, for most of which she uses a synthesizer. She has won four Grammy Awards and one Academy Award nomination.



Loreena McKennitt is soprano vocalist, composer, pianist, and accordionist from Canada whose musical influences include Celtic, Folk, World and Middle Eastern. McKennitt is a highly merited citizen of Canada for her philanthropic work, and has won two Juno Awards, a Grammy Award, a Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award, and several honorary bachelor and doctorate degrees. Before she composes a new album, she travels to do in depth research of the album concept, including the history, culture, folklore, and geography of the country of origin.


Sarah Brightman is an multinational award winning star and soprano vocalist of a three-octave range, who is a cross-over classical, pop, rock, operatic pop, and disco artist. She sings in at least ten languages and is also an actress, dancer, and songwriter.






Good Night!

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