Sep 232011

It is difficult to get up early when you experience troubles with falling asleep. Deep and tight sleep can improve your health and help you get up early feeling great! Going to sleep without putting much effort into it is possible; you just need to stay away from some things and products that prevent you from falling sleeping. If you wonder how to go to sleep easily, you should consider avoiding the following things:

  1. Caffeine

First of all you should avoid caffeine. It stimulates your nervous system and can be a great helper in the morning when you feel sleepy and unable to concentrate, but all the products that contain caffeine should be consumed before noon, otherwise your nervous system will be overexcited and you simply won’t be able to fall asleep easily.

  1. Alcohol

A lot of people usually have few drinks before going to bed. It is an easy way to relieve the stress after a long working day. Besides, alcohol makes you sleepy and this way you don’t have troubles falling asleep. But, it is definitely not the way how to go to sleep. Alcohol affects our sleep patterns and it takes your body twice longer to process the alcohol when you are asleep. This way you won’t have problems falling asleep, but you won’t be able to get proper sleep needed to be fully rested in the morning.

  1. Heavy Meal

If you want to know how to go to sleep easily, you should consider having your last meal at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Going to bed full makes it difficult for your body to relax and fall asleep. But if you can’t go to sleep when you are hungry, you can have some light snack, an apple, for example.

  1. Watching TV

Watching TV stimulates your brain activity and, instead of getting rested after a long working day, you get excited and unable to fall asleep. Have you noticed you need to lie down for some time before you fall asleep after watching TV? Besides, having TV inside your bedroom isn’t a good idea at all.

  1. Playing Computer Games

Playing Computer Games stimulates your nervous system just as much as watching TV. You should avoid these activities before going to bed. If you need some help on how to go to sleep easily, you should consider reading, the best bedtime activity.


Sep 202011

Good sleep is one of the key constituents of human wellbeing. Physical and emotion health depend on how well you sleep at night. It may sound absurd but comfort of the present day has its negative affects on us. From one hand we want to have our every-day concerns done easier, from the other, comfortable life stagnates the physical and emotional reserves of our organism. This stagnation leads to different disorders. We hope the article will help you find your clue to the problem of how to go to sleep when you are not tired.


1. If you are not tired, why should you sleep? You may use this time to do something useful that will exhaust you to some extent so that you will sleep well afterwards.


2. Do you have a good air ventilation? You don’t need super conditioning systems – just open the window. High room temperature (above 25C, about 80F) in winters will do no good to your health. Get used to lower temperature, say, 20C (about 70F) or less. Also in winter do not overheat the place where you sleep. To be on the safe side just put on cotton socks.


3. Check there is no light disturbance in the room. Even some small blinking light may be rather disturbing at night.


4. The minor sounds (for example dripping water) may be very annoying, whereas a pleasant melody can be very relaxing (for example Chopin’s Waltz N7).


5. Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep when you are hungry. Still, we know that eating late in the evening is no good for health. Thus, take the golden mean. If you feel hungry eat some fruits, cottage cheese, or nuts.


6. Deep-breathing may also help. Although you may not feel tired you may be anxious about something which actually prevents you from falling asleep. Thus you need a deep relaxation. When in the bed (with the sound and light already fixed), lie full-length on the back having the legs and hands stretched out alongside. Slowly take a deep breath, keep it for some time, and then breathe out even slower. Make this exercise only 2-3 times, otherwise the effect will be contrary – not relaxing but stimulating.


7. Try reading some difficult book or the Bible in the low light.


8. The solution to the problem may be in the very question “how to go to sleep when you are not tired?” To have long and truly refreshing sleep one should get physically tired. Do sports! Exercises in a gym are great but even better is jogging or running outdoors. Don’t just sit all days round at a computer in the office and then again at the computer and the TV set at home. Be active!


9. And finally try changing your sleeping place. According to Feng Shui philosophy, there are positive and negative energy poles. It means you should try finding your right energy balance. Thus one direction of the bed may be negative for you while the other healing. Try different directions and then move your bad accordingly.


Note: Nevertheless abstain from taking sleep pills. Watching TV a lot also leads to sleep disorders.

Sep 202011

How well you feel during the day much depends on how well you slept at night. Nowadays many people either have different sleep problems or suffer from persistent insomnia. Sleep is a very important process during which the whole organism including the mind and body relaxes and recharges. It is crucial for the proper function of the nervous system. If you haven’t slept just one night most likely you will feel jaded during the day. So, what are the reasons that lead to sleep disorders? What can restore the quality of sleep? In this article you will find answers to these questions and will learn how to fall asleep fast and sleep well.


First of all the things that create sleep problems are: stress, lack of physical activity, poor quality of food, need for fresh air, and other. Pills do not solve the problem. Here you will find a list of things that can help you restore your night sleep. These 7 steps will increase the overall quality of your life.


Step 1. If you smoke, quit smoking – be a fresh-air lover!


Step 2. Get moving! We have an inborn need for physical activity, it is in our genes. Feel lazy? Yes, at first it may be hard to break the bonds, but do it! Take a walk (5-10 km) in the fresh air early in the morning (6-7 a.m.). Later proceed to jogging, jumping, etc. Soon you will realize that being physically active from one side makes the body pleasantly tired, and from the other, fills your mind and body with positive energy for the next 5-6 hours.


Step 3. All in the nature has rhythm (day and night, seasons, etc.) and your body should live in a rhythm too. Go to bed at least at 10-11 p.m. and wake up at 6-7 a.m. Sleep hours before the midnight are of better quality. Do not stay awake till 2 a.m. Stick to the right rhythm.


Step 4. Napping during the day is no good. You lack sleep, thus you think you will make up for it with a nap during the day. In the result what you get is a vicious cycle – as napping disorders the night sleep. Napping can easily become a habit thus you may find it hard to stop doing so.


Step 5. Stop having a lot of junk food, fast food, coffee, and sweets. Fruits, vegetables, soured milk products (yoghurt, cottage cheese, etc.) are what you need. Do not overeat, eat slowly – enjoying the process!


Step 6. Take a warm shower.


Step 7. If thoughts at night is your problem – the best thing you can do to find peace of mind is to pray. Make it a habit! When the day is over, sit comfortably by a lamp with the Bible. Reading it for some 15 minutes will be enough to get away from the day worries and fill with positive emotions. It will help you free from stress, tension, and find the desired solitude.


Now you know how to fall asleep fast and sleep well. Enjoy your life!