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Waking up several times in night is considered as one of the form of insomnia which could be triggered by several factors. Many people wake up in the night for repetitive bathroom trips and are unable to sleep quietly again. There are people who take almost one or two hours to get back to sleep which shows significant effect over the daily routine. The primary reason to wake up during the night is linked with metal condition. If the person is going through some or other kind of stress, tension or is depressed over something then he is very likely to face this problem. The transition of body into sleep after waking up is entirely related to your mental status and melatonin levels. If you are facing this problem repeatedly then try some of the following methods to get a sound and deep sleep throughout the night.

  • Exercise– A group of people have conducted a study on this common problem and found that regular exercise brings remarkable benefits. Many individuals are wary of exercise and live a sedentary lifestyle which contributes to the difficulty. The first step will be to try and give some exercise to your body. To get rid of this trouble it is not necessary that you indulge in heavy exercises, but elaborative body stretches, yoga postures and meditation will surely help.


  • Stress diminution- the next element that you should alter in order to get sound sleep throughout the night is stress reduction. The best way for reducing stress is meditation which is scientifically proven to work as stress buster. If you are wary of meditation then you could take help form professionals that would guide you on stress reduction strategies to regain the normal sleep schedule.


  • Bedtime regime- you should follow certain bedtime activities that boost the production of melatonin and helps in getting sound sleep. There are certain activities that really bring effect on sleep duration such as hot water bath, warm drinks devoid of caffeine and so on. Try to form a bedtime regime and stick to it until you get the desired results. You can develop certain activities that might sooth you or make you happy such as peppy conversations with spouse or family members and similar stuff.


  • Music therapy– this should be tried before and after sleep interventions because this is recognized to produce relaxing effect on body and mind. Suppose you woke up in the wee hours and unable to sleep even after 20 minutes, just play a soft music over your headphones and try deep breathing exercise. Both the things combined produce marvelous effects on the person as he is able to get asleep faster than normal.  


  • Medication– if nothing is helping you then you might try some alternative medicines either form Allopathic or from Ayurvedic doctors as they have some drugs that may sooth the mind to get sound sleep throughout the night. Allopathic medications sometimes cause side effects hence you should consider meeting ayurvedic doctors that are trained and have natural remedies for the sleep deprivation.


If the problem is due to frequent bathroom trips then make sure that you don’t drink any form of water before three hours of going to bed. These different techniques will surely help you to get sound sleep overnight.

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